Challenger Gets a Carbon Fiber Makeover

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The owner of a Bombardier Challenger 850 has hired Flying Colours Corp. for the chance to develop its first carbon fiber interior of a cabin. Flying Colours has previously worked with carbon fiber for interior design but for mere accents rather than the complete main interior. So this project was new and exciting for all parties involved.

challenger carbon fiber interior

Flying Colours vice president Eric Gillespie stated,

“This is the first time we’ve worked so extensively with carbon fibre on the interior of an aircraft. The client chose the material for purely aesthetic reasons and where you would normally only use wood veneer. eg the tables, galleys, bulkheads, handrails, lavatory vanities and toilet enclosures, we’ve used carbon fibre. We have used the material before but normally only as an accent to complement an interior. The counter tops are black and white, the divan is cherry red, and the black carpet features a white ‘Branches’ splinter pattern. In combination the red and white leather, the Satin Nickel plating and the carbon fibre create a striking effect. It really is quite unique and we are extremely proud to have created such a stunning interior.”

challenger carbon fiber seat

Like he said, the Hong Kong-based client wanted to use carbon fiber for its sleek and modern design. They wanted the cabin to have an innovative and modern look and being that carbon fiber is all black, it was a perfect match. To complement the high-end furnishings, the aircraft is also equipped with state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system featuring 22in widescreen units. SwiftBroadBand supports a new telephone system and cabin WiFi. The aircraft is configured for 16 passengers with a three cabin VIP layout.

The entire project was finished within the expected time frame of just 16 weeks, within budget and to the client’s specifications and satisfaction.

[Source: Flying Colours Corp.]

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