Carbon Fiber Whitewater Rafting Helmet

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Just like the company states, this whitewater icon has officially been re-defined. Sweet Protection is a company that specializes in helmets for extreme sports such as mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and white water rafting. And they sell a helmet specifically for white water rafting, now made with carbon fiber for multiple benefits.

The actual helmet is called ‘Strutter’ and the outside shell of the helmet is not carbon fiber, so you wouldn’t exactly be buying this for its awesome appearance (although a little carbon fiber does poke through on each side) but there are many other reasons why this company, and many others, would opt to use carbon fiber.

Sweet Protection Strutter carbon fiber kayak helmet

The inside of the helmet is essentially a carbon fiber shell which goes from behind the temple around to the temple on the other side. It’s molded in a 3D shape for a great fit and even better protection for the head. The carbon fiber adds a great combination of strength and elasticity to the helmet. It also comes with interchangeable comfort pads to allow the user to customize the fit. And because carbon fiber is so lightweight, the weight of the helmet has improved drastically over older models.

Like I said before, the outside part of the helmet is not made with carbon fiber so there are a couple of color choices, as well as three different sizes available. But definitely some smart thinking by Sweet Protection using carbon fiber, so the ‘Strutter’ will fit better to improve performance. To learn more or buy yours today, head over to their website.