Carbon Fiber Turned Art With Kedo Statues

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Carbon fiber is predominately used in auto and aerospace applications, giving us all the more reason to applaud those who are using it in unique and innovative ways. Here we are featuring five different statues that each hail to us from Italy and are made out of carbon fiber.  Not only that, but each one is available in our store and sure to make your household something to talk about.

Romano Costi, the artist, was born in Treviso in 1940 and has since dedicated himself to art. He graduated from Carmini, an art high school in Venice. Since the sixties, Costi has been a well know sculptor, exhibiting his bronze works in various Italian cities like Venice, Rome, Portorontondo, Bergamo and Milan. Since then, Costi has relocated all over the world exhibiting his art. Currently, some of his contemporary work uses carbon fiber in order to obtain a modern and attractive impact with a lightweight factor.

In each of the S-series statues, Costi used a variety of carbon fiber weaves, which provides a unique look that changes based on the reflection of light.  The exterior of the statue is a polished resin which has UV inhibitors built-in and it’s also what gives the statue its glossy look. Each statue is hand-made in Italy and signed by Costi.  Let’s go through each statue.

S-1 Carbon Fiber Statue

First, let me introduce the S-1. This larger than life carbon fiber statue, named “Autunno”, simply meaning Autumn or Fall, stands just over eight feet tall. The Autunno is made entirely out of carbon fiber.

Kedo S-1 carbon fiber statue

S-2 Carbon Fiber Statue

S-2, the elegant carbon fiber “Ballerina” statues name says it all. At just under eight feet tall, this classic dancer stands in pointe position, appearing weightless. The Ballerina is made entirely out of carbon fiber and the Ballerina’s peering stature encourages one to feel protected. This is my favorite of the five statues, mostly because I really like the “protected” feeling it gives off. But I also love how meticulous the feet are done here, it really shows how much time and effort the artist gives to his craft which is especially hard when using a material like carbon fiber.

Kedo S-2 carbon fiber statue

S-3 Carbon Fiber Statue

The S-3 carbon fiber statue is called “Ritratto”, meaning portrait. This statues simplified shape measures almost three feet in height and is also made entirely out of carbon fiber.

Kedo S-3 carbon fiber statue

S-4 Carbon Fiber Statue

This carbon fiber statue is called “Tuffatrice”, meaning woman diver and it’s pretty apparent where this statue got its name. The Tuffatrice is made entirely out of carbon fiber as well. The woman diver is peering over on her toes and the curvature of her body is so exaggerated her hands almost reach the floor. The statue is about 5.75ft tall and is also referred to as the S-4.

Kedo S-4 carbon fiber statue

Kedo S-4 carbon fiber statue

S-5 Carbon Fiber Statue

The S-5 statue is made from carbon fiber and laminated with gold and silver leaf, one finish on each side. Named “Monaca di Monza” meaning Monza’s Nun, was a famous religious Italian woman who lived in the 1500/1600. Her fame came about from appearing in the Alessandro Manzoni novel, “I Promessi Sposi”. The statue stands almost 3.5 feet tall. This is also the only statue of the bunch that incorporates the use of other materials and I personally love how the gold and silver leaf accent the deep black of carbon fiber.

Kedo S-5 carbon fiber statue

You don’t have to love carbon fiber to love these statues either as they are beautifully done pieces of art.

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