Carbon Fiber Stabilizers Help Bowhunting

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Ahh, archery. The ancient sport used for combat and hunting. But apparently it’s not so ancient and people all over still do it as a recreational activity along with sport competitions. That’s why FUSE, a world-wide supplier of archery and bow hunting supplies and accessories, started to utilize carbon fiber in their products.

After years of relentless designing and testing, FUSE’s integration of high performance materials such as carbon fiber, finally got them the results they were aiming for. They say that the new accessories with the new technologies will shatter any trace of compromising noise and vibrations for the competitive level, giving the user an edge.

Carbon fiber bowhunting stabilizers

The ‘Carbon Blade’ stabilizers are available in a variety of lengths. “FUSE engineers solved the inherent de-stabilizing effects of wind on ordinary target stabilizers, while greatly enhancing the chief function of any stabilizer, holding the bow dead still during the launch phase of the arrow. The asymmetric engineered flex pattern of the Carbon Blade also enhances vibration and recoil absorption in the vertical plane, and maximizes horizontal plane stiffness to maintain total control of the arrow launch. The optimized, aerodynamic shape dramatically reduces wind drag up to 70%, resulting in a dead steady hold in even the toughest windy conditions, yielding higher scores.”

It seems like in any realm these days, using more high performance materials like carbon fiber will always enhance the outcome. So hats off to companies like FUSE!  And as they say, “Hunt with confidence. Hunt with purpose. Hunt with FUSE.” For more information or to find local retailers of the ‘Carbon Blade’ be sure to visit FUSE’s website.

[Source: FUSE]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.