Carbon Fiber Snowshoes

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I know the weather is just starting to turn Spring like, but I couldn’t help it. I have to share these awesome, first of its kind, carbon fiber snowshoe’s called the Black Kilo.

Black Kilo carbon fiber snowshoes

Brought to us from Crescent Moon, the ski company that specializes in snowshoe’s, poles and accessories, the Black Kilo will be the lightest pair on the market when they launch next winter (2013).

President of Crescent Moon, Jake Thamm, states:

“To my knowledge, there are no other all carbon fiber frame and deck shoes on the market. The Black Kilo weighs 2.2 pounds, including the binding and crampons, and is by far the lightest pair of shoes on the market.”

Black Kilo carbon fiber snowshoes

The Black Kilo will feature a carbon fiber composite frame and platform with cutout. And while carbon fiber has been seen in shoes before, Thamm believes this is the first snowshoe with a composite carbon fiber frame and deck for “a complete carbon fiber solution.” Crescent Moons also see’s a lot of potential in the use of carbon fiber for a future line including racing shoes to off-trail shoes and everything in between.

Thamm also admits that the genius behind the Black Kilo is co-founder and CFO, Tamara Laug who began thinking about this concept over two years ago including the design and prototype. Both Thamm and Laug are proud to announce that all of the resources used in the shoes, are US made, which is fundamental to the companies production philosophy.

Black Kilo carbon fiber snowshoes

The carbon fiber snowshoe, Black Kilo, is expected to be available for sale as early as Fall of 2012 or even as late as Winter 2013, with a $399 price tag.

[Source: Crescent Moon]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • frank

    not the first, shimano made a limited run for use with their step-in bindings in 2008, although a bit heavier cause of the solid deck….

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