Carbon Fiber Picture Frame from Ralph Lauren

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You know that saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well this picture frame, is worth about $200. Now you ask, why would anyone spend that kind of money on just a frame? Well, because the frame has an awesome carbon fiber accent around it.

Ralph Lauren carbon fiber picture frame

Straight from the always upscale Ralph Lauren Home Collection, this sleek 5×7 picture frame (a 4×6 is available as well) combines silver and carbon fiber accents. Giving it an elegant and modern look. This isn’t the first time we have seen Ralph Lauren utilize carbon fiber, so he is obviously as fan. The line has a chair called the RL-CF1, which was show in an interview with Oprah. There is also a candle they sell in a carbon fiber casing. So go get yours today, to add that extra umph to any picture. Since these aren’t listed on Ralph Lauren’s own website, we believe this may be the last of the inventory for now.

[Source: Gearys]