Carbon Fiber Corvette Walks on Water

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ZR48 Rolling on Water

Okay, so that headline’s a little misleading. You might’ve clicked on this article thinking you were going to get the dirt on an all new carbon fiber Corvette capable of such ridiculous speeds that it’s able to roll over water. And to that, I say, all that’s missing are the wheels.

Built entirely from the GM-ordered parts of its land-cruising compadre, the MTI ZR48 is a water waking replica of Corvette’s sleek, stylish and super-speedy ZR1. Produced by Pier 57, a Tennessee-based powerboat manufacturer, this super-luxurious sea behemoth is capable of blistering speeds – up to 180 mph – thanks to its carbon fiber construction and a pair of 1,350-horsepower, twin-turbo Mercury Racing V8 engines – each of which are accented with a ZR1-style supercharger cover, adding to the overall authenticity and making it a must-have for any serious Corvette collector.

ZR48 Rolling on Water

And if its slick, upscale exterior isn’t enough to whet your appetite, what with its ZR1-inspired hull sides, headlights, taillights, marker lights, custom ZR48 emblems and engine vents and — our favorite — its carbon fiber-influenced airbrush work on the canopy and hull, one needs only to step inside to feel the drool really start to drip from their suddenly slobbering lips.

If the outside can be seen as a Corvette replica, the interior could be classified as a one-to-one Corvette clone – or possibly even its superior. Not only does it contain a custom dash with fully functional gauges, but it comes equipped with a ZR1 steering wheel-shifter combo that throttles both engines while controlling the drive trim. Six leather-and-suede air-conditioned seats and a boat-wide accent of Lumiflex and LED lights make it fit for kings.

ZR48 Interior

Its state-of-the-art sound system, which includes an LED-accented speaker pod that’s build into the engine and lifts electronically from the deck (seen below), isn’t exactly something to sneeze at either. Capable of 8,000 watts, the system in its entirety consists of eight Focal K2 coaxial speakers, a pair of Kicker Solo Baric 10-inch subs, aft-mounted speaker pods, a custom amp-cooling system and Apple TV, WiFi and iPad integration.

Engine Block Speaker Pod

And, much like you, it too rides in style as its trailer comes equipped with a water tank, power washer and an engine flush system for maintenance and a generator to power the 900+ LED lights located along its frame, as well as the five televisions — count ‘em five televisions! — located in the large cargo box.

ZR48 on its Side

And no, you’re eyes don’t deceive you. Thanks to its air-ride suspension system, the boat can ride upon its side, on a cushion of air, so that it can be transported smoothly and safely without the need of any special permits.

At $1.7 million, the MTI ZR48 isn’t even expensive, its exorbitant. But, for the true-blue Corvette collector, it’s an obvious and necessary addition.

ZR48 Rolling on Water

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.