Carbon Fiber Conversion Kit Turns P-Bikes into E-Bikes

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NYX 2014 Grafitti Wall

Tired of riding your bike around town, relying exclusively on the power of the pedal? Well you’re not alone. Eloi Fugere and Cedrick Baker, experienced at-home engineers, had visions of combining the convenience of a regular bicycle with the speed and excitement of a dirt bike. What resulted, after plenty of prototypes, is the NYX 2015, a.k.a. “The World’s First Carbon Fiber E-Bike Frame Kit.”

The kit itself can be used to transform your regular old bike from pedal power to electric — all you have to do is attach the swing arms to the frame. Or, if you’re the type to build your own chairs and bake your own bread, it can also act as the jumping off point for your brand new, from scratch, E-bike-building project.

NYX 2015 Conversion Kit

“Think about it as a SUV,” states the product’s official Kickstarter page, “it will ride smoothly in the city, and has the capacity to off-trail whenever you want.”

Part of what allows this product be so versatile is its 16 liters worth of battery space, it’s 3-step installation process and, yes, the fact that it’s made predominantly out of carbon fiber — with an epoxy resin and a fiberglass cloth mixed in for added strength, stability and elasticity.

NYX 2015 Composition

“Carbon fiber’s behavior is really different to steel because it is stronger, stiffer and lighter,” Cedrick replied when we reached out for comment. These are important attributes, especially when you’re talking about the foundation of something that can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

“It is really important to have a strong frame, especially when you want a powerful E-bike,” Cedrick continued, just after informing us that Stephane Melancon, breaker of the E-bike world record in speed — or, DoctorBass, to those who might frequent the E-vehicle technology forums on — said that their frame was the strongest he’s ever driven.

In addition, Cedrick went on to admit that the appeal of carbon fiber was also an aesthetic one. They wanted their E-bike conversion kit to look as high end as it was high quality.

It looks good to us.

NYX 2015 Close Up

And it weighs only 13 pounds, all components included. It’s also universally compatible and, if you should ever have trouble installing it, they promise to, “personally provide assistance,” as well as a number of comprehensive guides and instructions. (Including links to charts on electrical setups.)

As it stands now, their Kickstarter campaign is in danger of falling well short of their initial goal of $50,000 — it ends on February 24th and they’ve only amassed just under $15,000.

If you think that’s got Cedrick down though, you’d be far from the truth.

“The idea behind the campaign was to fund our new mold generation, which will be made for large production,” he told us. “[So] even if our campaign is not funded, it does not mean that our campaign failed. In fact, we are now better known.”

Yes they are. And they plan on using that popularity to inspire additional projects, including a NYX 2015 E-Bike that they hope will appeal to a broader audience than their labor required conversion kit.

But for that, we’ll have to wait.

Man Holding NYX 2015

Until then, if you’d like to know more about the NYX 2015 Conversion Kit, or if you’d like to buy one, you can visit the product’s official Kickstarter page or the product’s official website.

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.