Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Tissue Box

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You’ve already got the the carbon fiber toilet seat cover in your bathroom, it’s time to start making everything else match. You can start off with the carbon fiber/aluminum tissue box made by AUTOart:

AutoART carbon fiber tissue box holder

AutoART carbon fiber tissue box holder

This definitely puts any of the flowery Kleenex boxes to shame! AUTOart uses real carbon fiber and 6061 heat-treated aluminum for the box. It measures in at 11.4×5.4×4.7 inches, so it should be able to fit any standard tissue box. Each side of the box has a spring, which when unattached will allow you to access the box and place a new box of tissues in it.

This is pretty hard to find online, as I only found a couple places that had it. That’s why we’ve decided to sell it ourselves, and can be found at our store here.

AutoART carbon fiber tissue box holder


Here’s a little video I did to show you how the case works and what it looks like: