C2 Collapsible Carbon Fiber Surfboard

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With the Smart Fortwo introduced in the US this past January, the iPod Nano in everyone’s backpack and everything else getting more and more compact, it was only a matter of time before someone took it to a completely new level. Nicholas Notara designed a collapsible surfboard whose frame is made of carbon fiber.

Collapsible carbon fiber surfboard

Notara carefully designed the board to maintain the balance and weight of a traditional surfboard. The surfboard breaks down and becomes half its usual size with the help of a quick release level and flipping two pins. The board can also adapt to the rides needs with its swappable fin system.

Collapsible carbon fiber surfboard

While the collapsible surfboard is not a new concept, Karl Pope first conceived it for Pope-Bisect in 1964 and dubbed it the ‘Travelboard’, Notara’s carbon fiber board has been receiving a lot enthusiasm from the surfing community. The only concerns voiced have been those of cost, loosing the pins or fins, and the board of metal pieces heating up in the hot sun and burning the skin.

Collapsible carbon fiber surfboard

Collapsible carbon fiber surfboard

While the board is a beautiful example of great design, it is unfortunately just a concept at this time.

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  • kevin

    this is a great idea and will benefit the surfing community.

  • i would definately consider buying the surfboard if it was for sale

  • jonny lightning

    this is badass someone should make it

  • max

    i disagree, being a surfer myself, i find that we should just enjoy the ride while we can, rather than upgrading the ride to suit your liking of technical or gadget needs.

  • Michael

    great idea…any future concepts for modular forms to increase flexibility of selecting nose/rocker and/or tail options, as well as overall length, in order to adjust for changing surf conditions with a few pieces over multiple full boards when traveling – but how to keep costs down…?

  • I want one. This is craftsmanship at a new level. Surf has history, it’s time we make the stuff harder to destroy, wear and tear, etc.. Executed really well based on the images. email me when I can pick one up. What kind of weight are we looking at here for the whole setup?

  • BeachBum

    I have one that looks just like that! Well more like the bottom half of the 2nd picture above, but mine is missing the latches to connect it back together : ) and really it is not made of carbon fiber, although if it were maybe it would still be a one piece board vs a 2 piece board. All joking aside, I would love a board like this, although it might be out of my price range unless it reached mass production…so I guess I’ll just keep dreaming and maybe someday there will be a kit to put two halve back together again. :p

  • Lyneesha

    Its Bullshit…. Probably costs more than 2 “NORMAL” surfboards put together!!!!!

  • Mike

    We already have the patent and currently make these boards and sell them from California. A clear Patent infringement of the boards you can find on our web site at http://www.northshoretravelboards.com