Bontrager Uses Lance Armstrong In Carbon Fiber April Fools Day Prank

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April Fools Day comes around, and nobody can take anything serious on the internet….but a lot of people fell for this one.  Bontrager (who owns Trek bicycles) created a news story on their site stating that they had developed a carbon fiber clavicle replacement that was used in Lance Armstrong’s collarbone.  They called it the inForm CarbonClavicle:

Bontrager carbon fiber clavicle xray

The execution of the prank was done really well not only did they Photoshop the above x-ray, but they seemed to have even made the actual part out of carbon fiber:

Bontrager carbon fiber clavicle

The entire idea came from a tweet that Lance Armstrong made on Twitter where he posted a picture with the caption “I’m screwed”:

Lance Armstrong xray

Very clever marketing idea, now if only it were real 🙂

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  • i snapped my right collar bone really good dr. didnt wanna do surgery because he only did one in 11 yrs. its starting to cause alot of problems and starting to hurt and it never did before besides rain snow or cold weather and that was just a dull pain this more feels like the part by neck is putting alot of pressure on my neck and all of my tendens or ligaments or whatever they are in your neck is all tight where my bone is broken its pretty bad any ideas? your ideas and thoughts would be appreciated please.

    • VR

      You’ve probably got a good bit of scar tissue in the area where the bone was broken. You may want to discuss (with a reasonable surgeon) getting that scar tissue released so it doesn’t pull on your neck muscles/tendons any more.

  • Hans Jansen

    probably i can feel how my collar bone has twisted and turned on side it feels and it is way thicker than the other side. and as far as the dr. situation the one i seen said he wasnt going to do surgery and didnt recommend me to another dr. to do talk about surgery. and i owe 7,000 dollars to them. so with lots of bills i cant afford its going to be hard. esepecially when its in worse shape after the dr. visits than it was when i broke it. and like holding my arm up in a certain position my arm starts to hurt really bad and will go cold and numb after i think it was 5 minutes.

  • You seriously need a different surgeon. Just because the first one is reluctant to operate it doesn’t mean that’s in your best interests. Try to find a good orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in shoulders and see what he says.

    • Hans Jansen

      if i go to another surgeon he’ll jump and say surgery just because of how its pulling everything on the right side of my neck i just dont know how i would afford it im already so much in debt and cant afford it. its really a bummer the way that hospital is treating me.