Bell & Ross Carbon Fiber Watches

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.

Bell & Ross was formed in 1992 to be a part of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, while also meeting the demands of men facing extreme situations. Now the likes of astronauts, pilots, divers, and bomb disposal experts use Bell & Ross watches. A few of the watches that they make offer various carbon fiber parts, which makes it appealing to us. Bell & Ross watches are a masterpiece in the making, and just as functional on your wrist. Lets take a look at a few of their carbon fiber offerings:

BR 01-94 Titanium & BR 01-94 Titanium Orange

Bell & Ross BR 01-94 Titanium Orange watch

The above watch which is the titanium orange version is a limited edition (there were only 500 made). I see them on eBay for about $7,750.

BR 01-97 Power Reserve Gold

Bell & Ross BR 01-97 Power Reserve Gold

The above BR 01-97 power reserve gold is also a limited edition watch with only 250 pieces made. I couldn’t find pricing on this one, but the stainless steel version was a little over $3,000.

BR 01 Tourbillon

Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon

This is probably my most favorite looking of all of the less Bell & Ross carbon fiber watches. This article from The Watch Quote has some really nice pictures to show off the beautiful design of the BR 01 Tourbillon. As good as it looks, it will set you back $131,000.

BR 02 Pink Gold

Bell & Ross BR 02 Pink Gold

The BR 02 style goes away from the square faces we’ve seen above. This watch offers a decompression valve for deep sea diving, with a 300m water resistance. The watch can be had for about $20,000.

BR 03-51 GMT

Bell & Ross BR 03-51 GMT

Here’s another square face offering, this one has the date on it with big numbers for readability. This is also one of the cheaper carbon fiber watches they offer at about $5,000.

As always, make sure and check eBay for the best deals, here’s a few listed on there right now:

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.