Aston Martin Carbon Fiber Dining Collection

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What do you get when you mix champagne, carbon fiber and Aston Martin? A party I wouldn’t want to miss, that’s for sure. The collection, ‘Silver by Aston Martin’ is an exclusive silverware collection designed by Grant Macdonald. It seems as though Aston Martin wasn’t totally satisfied just using the luxury material in their cars, so they took it one step further and brought it to your dining room. The collection is stunning and has been made in a limited edition inspired by the One-77.

The designer, Grant Macdonald, is based out of London, working in one of the largest silversmith workshops in the country, where each employee dedicates their time and skills to create some of the worlds most exquisite pieces of art.

“The inspiration for the collection has been derived from the elegance, craftsmanship and engineering excellence that has been built into every Aston Martin car since 1913. This simple yet enduring design ethos influences every piece in the ‘Silver by Aston Martin’ collection. Dynamic proportions, razor fine lines and sumptuous curves – all a signature of the marque – inspires graceful forms in sterling silver, gold, carbon-fibre and other fine materials throughout the range. The philosophy of this collection is to offer clients the commitment to a premium quality that is synonymous with Aston Martin.”

There are multiple pieces of this silver collection and leading the way are the bottle coolers, available in either 24 carat gold or sterling silver, both with carbon fiber inner layers which hold the ice and water while also preventing condensations forming on the exterior. The gold is selling for £29,500.00, which is a little under $45,000 USD (at the time of this article). While the silver is just a little cheaper, at £26,000.00 (about $40,000 USD).

Aston Martin Grant Macdonald gold and carbon fiber champagne bottle cooler

Aston Martin Grant Macdonald gold and carbon fiber champagne bottle cooler

Other, smaller, parts of the collection include  tumblers, wine goblets and other glasses that feature carbon fiber somewhere on them. Let me just warn you, those aren’t cheap either! But with Aston Martin and Grant Macdonald behind this collection, I can almost guarantee that it will make your dining room table look nothing short of spectacular.

Aston Martin Grant Macdonald gold and carbon fiber champagne tumbler

[Source: Grant Macdonald]