Weds Sport Full Carbon Fiber Wheel

Weds Sport carbon fiber wheel

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Update 2/23/10: For another, all carbon fiber wheel, check out the one we wrote about from Carbon Revolution.

A Japanese company by the name of Weds Sport has come up with the first full carbon fiber wheel.  They unveiled the wheels with what they call their Dry Carbon Wheel Project at the last Tokyo Auto Salon show.

Weds Sport carbon fiber wheel

One wheel weighs in at just 2.76kg, which works out to be 6.08475844 pounds.  Interested in getting a set of these for your car?  Expect to pay around $10,000-$12,000 for the set.  While it sounds expensive, you can easily spend $8,000+ on custom three-piece forged wheels from a company like HRE.

Carbon fiber wheel weight

Dry carbon wheel project

I tried to get somebody to translate the Japanese from the above display at Tokyo Auto Salon, but this was the best I got from user fithamoto on the Nissan 350Z forums:

Its kinda of complicated, but it basically says its a Dry Carbon Fiber process that can be used on automobile & motorcycle tires. Something about the weight and color too. It points out the differences between a wet CF proces & Dry CF process.

Sorry, really not much help after all. I guess your gonna need to get a first gen. Japanese to translate it correctly.

If anybody else can translate better, we’d love to know what the rest says…just post a comment below.

Weds Sport’s display also featured a wheel with a carbon fiber face, but more than likely a forged aluminum wheel surrounding.  This is probably a much cheaper solution, and potentially arguably better looks.

Carbon fiber and aluminum wheel

There is some concern about a wheel being 100% carbon fiber that I’ve seen from people online…especially considering the weight of the wheel.  Is it strong enough to support a car normally driving, let alone at a race track?  What about the cost of repairing the wheel if something gets damaged?  Does it need to get fully replaced, or can it be fixed for substantially less cost?

There is another company by the name of Dymag that makes carbon fiber wheels (which we’ll cover in a future post), but their hub is made out of magnesium.  Apparently, this is for strength reasons, which makes me think these full carbon fiber rims should only be used for show cars.  I’d like to hear Weds Sport’s thoughts on this.  If you have any insight, feel free to post your comments.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Roger Stafford

    Would you know if the Mille Miglia 1000 S-2 Sport wheel is completely CF of just coated with an alloy core?

  • Mastermind

    Weds has no plans to release these wheels for production. These are simply for display and marketing purposes.

  • David Hunter

    My question is, why wouldn’t Weds want to produce these wheels? They are masterpieces of design, nobody else does it, and though they would be expensive, there are a lot of expensive wheels out there.

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  • Creig

    carbon fiber has a tensile strength about 18 times greater than aluminum and about 8.5 times greater than steel. C-fibers Young’s Modulus is about 2x that of aluminum. I wouldn’t be worried about strength if the wheel is properly engineered.

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  • Jared

    I met a guy at a Porsche event who had something similar on his 997. He told me that if they get damaged, you must replace the wheel at $4K each. A couple people in our region of the PCA run them on their race cars. I’ve seen the cars at our local mechanic shop and the wheels are chipped and scuffed all over. I’m skeptical as to how sane it is to run a carbon fiber wheel.

    That said, they look amazing though!

  • okay, look carbon wheel is becoming regular sight at any Formula SAE competition. The only thing that retards the production of such wheels is : their expensive to make (but that is not a problem) but thn like John Henry said:

    F1 rule introduced in 1994 states

    “Wheels must be made from an homogeneous metallic material”

    That is the real problem.

    They make bullet proof resistant composite (usually kevlar) so they could make chips resistant wheel pretty easily.

    The only problem when rules permit people don’t have the money, and when money is here, like in formula 1,2,3,3000, bmw, gp …(you name it) or Le Mans or ALMS, well it’s a regulation problem. ost reducing regulations that is…

    now examples to illustrate :

    the list is longer than that, and for 2010 look also at ÉTS

    FSAE :

    Now, like John Lennon said : “Dig it”

  • Kial Furman

    I had a set of Full Carbon Fiber rims on my Nissan Silvia S13 and they started failing at the hub after it had rained for a week. I tried to drive but they broke after the first speedbump.

    • I would suggest that they were crap to start with if rain affected them. Unless your car was underwater for the week and it was 50degC, which could be a problem, and they were made using PVA. Remember boats are made from composite and the are often in the rain.

  • wilson
    • The carbon fiber outer wheel looks fine 🙂 Looks like the rest of the wheel failed.

      • Yeah I guess it shows how bad metallic spokes are. Magnesium is very notch sensitive, which is the opposite to composites, so when there is a little crack it will continue to grow until failure.

        So from this you can draw the conclusion that carbon wheels will fail, wait I mean metallic wheels.

  • wilson
  • Angela

    Dymag is out of business in case people like my self are trying to contact them.

    • I believe they are actually coming back

  • Jay

    If those wheels weighted 3 pounds, I would buy them in a heart beat!

  • cfhoods

    It’s simply amazing what can be done with carbon fiber nowadays. I like the Weds’s fully carbon fiber wheel rather than the carbon+forged outer rim or the HRE version. All black dry carbon fiber deep dish wheels.. drool….

    Especially on a fully carbon fiber wide bodied car with carbon fiber hood, trunk doors, fenders, and those wheels. Ok I’ll stop day dreaming now. But seriously I love those WEDS wheels.

  • James Alley

    I believe that dry carbon fiber layup involves laying your carbon fiber weave into a mold, dry; then the mold is closed, and you inject the resin into the mold. The mold itself is heated to cure the part. Because you lay it up dry it’s cleaner and you can take your time.

  • scorpionghost

    I want a set. Carbon is way stronger then steel or alloys, much lighter, and looks way cooler…so, why not. Is there not a company producing them yet? I have looked around, and can’t find a set for sale anywhere. I have a 1988 prelude i’m building now, going with the carbon hood, trunk lid, fenders and interior panels…the wheels would round it out nicely.

    • Duh

      You would put $12,000 of wheels on a $1,000 gay 88 lude?

  • I am inquiring if this composite rim can be made for my 2008 Prius. The car can except the hight of a 17″ rim with a low profile tire. I am very interested in knowing how I can make this happen. I will greatly appreciate any information you can provide for me.

  • Andrea

    Take a look at the Lancia ECV, its wheels were made of carbon fiber back in 1987.

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  • daniel zhong

    now carbon fiber has been used to car wheels,

  • Paul Anka

    Normally the wheels of a car are made of steels which catch junk after getting contact with water. Car user has to change the wheels after it gets damaged. But Japanese company has launched a technique to modify the wheel structure. It has brought a change in making the wheels by covering it with carbon fiber. The new wheels are coated of carbon & fiber which lasts for long time. The wheels are very strong & meant for tough roads.
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  • B Weir

    Why not? Ghetto thugs are putting ’22’s, ’24’s and ’40’s (wheels) on crapped out 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Impalas, Caprices, Town Cars, etc.

  • Mike

    I manufacture small batch carbon fiber parts. Not that I’m an all out carbon fiber expert as these guys more than likely are with much more being spent on R&D than my small shop… But carbon fiber is far stronger than steel and much lighter than aluminum. So there is no doubt in my mind these are stronger than any forged aluminum rims you can get… The problem is in how carbon fiber fails. Your metals will deform, bend, dent, crack ect ect… So when you hit a pot hole at 120 your rim bends, probably cracks, you lose a tire, but your rim stays in tact for the most part… Carbon fiber however, while it takes MUCH MUCH more to get it to its failure point… Pretty much disintegrates , the fibers Frey, and you have a catastrophic failure.. So the main focuse for most race events isn’t how strong it is or what it’s made out of necessarily, but how the material fails and the safety and likelihood of survival.