Star Wars Fans + Carbon Fiber Enthusiasts = Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers

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Halloween could not have come sooner this year for these guys. They call themselves, the “Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers”.

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Leonard Carson, an engineering technician for San Diego Composites, had been toying around with this idea of a carbon fiber Stormtrooper for a long time. He finally convinced three of his engineering co-workers to jump on board with turning this carbon fiber idea, into a carbon fiber reality. Being the huge Star War fans that they are, and often working with the material for their composites company, I’d have to guess not too much convincing was necessary.

And so the thought process began. There was a lot to consider for this project, especially cost. We all know how pricey our precious carbon fiber material can be. Other than that, the four troopers needed to think about the most logical tooling, finishing and best processes to use. They used all Grade A materials from a local supplier, and their employer, San Diego Composites, donated some resources to the project as well.

Carbon fiber Stormtrooper helmet

The President at their company, San Diego Composites, actually loved this idea and was extremely supportive of the entire project. Leonard said, “He actually wants one to display in our lobby! After the last finished part we talked to him about how much time and money we’ve spent and he did a cost calculation according to our company’s standards. He came up with the cost to cover the time and materials, tooling and 4 complete suits. We’re lucky he didn’t do the calculations ahead of time haha.. we never would’ve started.” Β While we can’t say the actual amount that was been spent to produce these suits, lets just say you can optionally purchase a pretty nice car as an alternative.

Browse below to see the final result. You can tell these guys had a great time showing off their work!

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon fiber Stormtroopers

Left to Right: Jon Blackler, Kevin Proum, Len Carson, Daniel Avina

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Jen

    These are really awesome suits! Overall it’s a good article, but I feel that the picture with the cigarette is a little tasteless, especially since these characters are from a child-friendly film.

    • Andre

      What is family friendly about people with lazer guns shooting each other and there is killing! Your definition of child friendly is scary.

      • Chaogasm

        Star Wars – Child friendly? Is that a joke? What movies were you watching?

    • J

      …they blow up an entire planet, and you’re worried that one of them will get lung cancer?

    • Rob

      Massively over sensitive reality recluse ahoy!

    • Steve

      Jen, you obviously haven’t seen Star Wars. Spoiler alert: The stormtroopers are the bad guys. Not only do they smoke, but they also drink excessively & kick puppies.

    • Dan

      Its not a cigarette, its a Death Stick.

    • Film Buff

      Don’t show your kids any movies made before about 1980-something if you don’t want to see smoking!

  • tim

    shut the f#!k up jen

  • Jack

    Jen, with all the people getting killed or chopped up in the movies, sex slaves, etc, I’m fairly sure there’s worst things to worry about.

    Note that I hate cigarette as I’ve had 3 people close to me die as a direct result of their cigarette use, but still… it ain’t so bad for just that picture.

  • Tim Ellwood

    Have to agree with Tim on this, “Child friendly film”, did you see the movie? Arms being cut off, people (and Jawas) burned, mass slaughter, whole plants being blown up.
    The armor is beyond cool, i would love to show a set of it off at a big trade show in LV in January

  • Tim Ellwood

    Planets, sorry, I could care less about plants being blown up, that is just a fun Friday

  • Actually smoking is canon to the Lucasfilm franchise, seen in the Mos Eisley bar and again in The Clone Wars movie which preceded the TV series. I have not seen the cartoons but I have heard that it was also canonized in the cartoons of the 1980s. Also Tobac is canon in the books, as early as the Zahn novels.

    I’m a complete non-smoker by the way.

  • Joe

    The tobacco isn’t a problem, you’re over-sensitive.

    Awesome job! Any tests on actual protective value?

  • VegasTrooper

    Totally Badass!! If I’m not mistaken, It looks like they went with the Return of the Jedi fit for the armor.
    I SO wish I had the money to get

  • A little short for Storm Troopers aren’t they?

    • Clumbersome

      Was thinking the exact same thing/quote.

      …Though these are indeed awesome.

  • TD9815

    For a second there, I thought these were Shadow Troopers ( TX ).

  • PhaddilMFS

    Next up… Carbon Fiber Boba Fett, Chewbacca, AT-ST Walkers, X-Wing, Darth Vader, the Red Guards, Y-Wing, Yoda, and last but not least Jabba the Hut!

  • gadderley

    How much and where do I order?

  • Boba Fett

    These trooper have stylish taste in shoes.

  • 21st Century Patriot

    Looks really cool but it’s too bad they based it off of the crappy Rubies armor. They should have researched the armor a little more…

    • NAZGUL70

      Oh man,you’re right ! I knew something just didn’t look right about these. The loose undersuits and tennis shoes didn’t help either. Would the 501st accept these ?

  • Dave

    I would LOVE a set of Carbon Fiber Boba Fett gear! If your reading this guys… πŸ˜‰

  • Dave

    Or Clone Trooper armor πŸ˜€

  • I would so love to have one of these sets of armor in my Star Wars costuming collection. It would replace my Shadow Trooper armor in a heartbeat.

    You guys did a fantastic job!

  • Fry

    Shut up and take my money!

  • munki

    jabba’s smoking out of a hookah, add grievous to the carbon fiber list

  • Jani

    I just want to know how much those cost and how I could get or make one =)

  • Jeremy


  • Ben

    Must be nice to be the 1% that can waste a ton of money on this.

  • Jared

    There’s 4 people will survive the zombie apocalypse.

  • Rob

    Ben: In what way are these guys the 1%? You sound as much of a whining, leftist killjoy as Jen. Presumably you’re part of majority of the 99% who won’t get a job, and expect to be handed everything on a plate.


    This is how the Storm Trooper Armor should had looked like in the whole saga! White has zero camuflage value almost in any enviroment at all (maybe in Hoth)… You gotta do other characters!

  • Aysel

    You guys getting down on Jen should think about one thing, if Jen is a member of the 501st ( then the smoking pic is a no go for the club (not saying the pictured person is a member or not) A note on the armor, that is awesome. Most of the comments I’ve read that aren’t here say pretty much the same thing (for both items) Just remember that we 501st’ers go by different “in-public” rules than most other clubs.

    • Steve

      Who gives a sh*t about the 501st. Oversensitive whiners.

  • torcido

    These aren’t the comments you’re looking for.

  • Jez

    Star wars is definitely a kids movie! Just because we’re all adults now doesn’t mean we didn’t watch it a million times while growing up. I must’ve spent the better part of my early youth watching the same VHS copies over and over.

  • Heather

    I am wanting to sell an Anakin Skywalker life size statue that JC Penny built in ’99 from the frist episode. It has never been played with and has been kept clean. I still have the box it came in. From my reasherch there has been less then 300 of them made so it’s a hard find especially for one in this good of condition. I know it doesn’t really have to do with this photo or whats being talked about but I need to sell it. If you or someone you know is interested please e-mail me at I can e-mail pics of it. Thank you!

  • Brent


    /My kind of dorks….

  • Aiden

    Man, I would love to see if these guys could make me an Arc Trooper Style armor like this haha xD these are really awesome!!!

  • Leetah

    I think it is awsome that they made them and had enough sense to find a backer. I am put their picture on my prolfile. I do love me some men in metal, JangoFett, Troopers, Boba Fett, Han; They are all very hot. πŸ˜‰

  • Leetah

    -and the typo fairy attacks again-, lol.
    I am going to put their picture on my profile.


    Do you know, guys, is it possible to by this costume? How much? I want to present it to my boyfriend ,write me

  • anton bauer

    Gay fetiche.

  • TZL

    Want so badly, please sell me one !

  • Rich business man

    If I were to say offer u say 8,000-10,000 would u make another one?

  • crazycon

    You do realize you can make your own authentic stormtrooper suit for around 1500 bucks its includes helmet and all..

  • crazycon

    The reason behind them being white were because white doesn’t absorb heat like a black suit does. It was apparently cooler.

  • Robert LaRochelle

    The helmet alone goes for $3,500.00 on

  • Jess

    Best I can do’s 50 bucks.

  • nat

    I could make that costume for you, 10 000 dollars custom fit and look.

  • Hannibal

    Trooper and Scout Troopers helmets in Kevlar with working comm, that hooks up to your existing 2 way via cable, would sell!

  • Atushi Nagai


  • Michael Turner

    Can I borrow the Molds? I have plenty of carbon and epoxy and the supplies for vacuum bagging..