Mansory Vincero Bugatti Veyron: $1 Million Extra For A Whole Lotta Carbon Fiber

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German Tuning company, Mansory, has taken an already ridiculously rare/expensive car…and nearly doubled up the price in aftermarket add-ons.  The special edition Veyron, named the Vincero includes a new aerodynamic trim package, new wheels, LED lighting, and extra 108 horsepower, and just about everything is carbon fiber.

Mansory Vincero Bugatti Veyron

Mansory only built three of the special edition Veyron’s (there were only 200 total Veyron’s made between 2005-2008, and only 300 will be built), and it will set you back a massive $985,000…on top of the price of the stock car (which is about $1.5 million).

Mansory Vincero Bugatti Veyron

Check out the pics of all the carbon fiber goodness, there’s even a video we’ve included:

Mansory Vincero Bugatti Veyron

Mansory Vincero Bugatti Veyron

Mansory Vincero Bugatti Veyron


[Source: Autoblog, Luxist]

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  • A truly remarkable car; it looks stunning!
    Great work indeed.

  • JasonS

    A Veyron that I actually like!

  • Devin

    This thing has to be even faster than the original. I’m wondering how much

    • Matt

      you clearly didn’t read anything at the top

  • Matt

    You hit a pebble with that thing on the highway and the whole thing will shred… it’s pointless

    • Phil

      your kinda a fag. the car is amazing bud

      • does it matter?

        if you knew anything, you would know that carbon fiber will break when given high shock. considering that the majority of the car is made of carbon fiber, he has a great point.
        it is a nice car but i wouldn’t take it over 20 mph.

        • Scane

          It can do 240something miles per hour, you must look kind of a retard now.

        • Ryven

          Yeah, the car is CAPABLE of 250, but are you really going to push a $2.5 million car to a speed where a pebble will shatter a fender or a twitch will send you into a wall?

          I think you missed the point of his post. You may want to rethink that “retard” comment now.

        • Guilherme

          That´s why F-1 cars break so easily when they are over 200mph. All the time this s*** happens, it´s so sad!

  • connor

    if that were true, then why would they make it out of carbon fibre? its was obviously the best choice or it wouldn’t be worth the best part of a million…

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