Ferrari 599XX – Now With Carbon Fiber Brake Rotors

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The first car out of Ferrari’s FXX development program was the Enzo, but the latest vehicle we’ve seen is the new 599XX.  There will only be 20-30 of the models created, which go for well into the $1 million range.  The car bring technology from the F1 circuit over to Ferrari’s road car division, so we know that everything is top notch.  Among those things is a retuned V12 with 700hp, revised electronics, an “Actionflow” aero package, and much much more.

Ferrari 599XX front

Ferrari 599XX rear

Also among the crazy technology are carbon fiber brake rotors, which you just have to see to understand how beautiful they are:

Ferrari 599XX carbon fiber rotor

Ferrari 599XX carbon fiber rotor

Even the brake pads are made from carbon fiber, which means that the calipers are smaller whilst guaranteeing the same efficiency.  The new braking system delivers shorter braking distances and is generally more efficient due to the weight savings.

I was told this by a member for the FerrariChat community, so I’m unsure of the complete truth, but he was telling me that there is a lot of debate going on about carbon fiber brake systems within the forums.  Apparently they don’t last nearly as long, and they are much more expensive (he threw out the $20,000 number).  If anybody has some hard facts about some of the advantages/disadvantages, please feel free to post a comment below.

The car was just brought to the US for its North American debut after being announced at the Geneva Motor Show.  It was seen sitting at a Ferrari dealership in Manhattan, hopefully being prepped to be at the NY Auto Show that I’ll be attending tomorrow.  If it happens to be there, or if I can make it to the dealership, I’ll make sure to take some pictures of all its carbon fiber goodness.

[Thanks to Autoblog for pictures and information]

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  • Kev

    I’m not sure about the CF rotor, it looks like a cover to me. Like those they used on the wheels of their F1 cars.

  • Doug Beachem

    For several years, all new Ferraris have had carbon-ceramic rotors. The 599XX has carbon pads, which is not available on the street cars yet. The covers you see are to help cool the brakes as used in Formula 1 racing.

  • Thanks for that insight Doug, extremely helpful!

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  • Jeff

    I believe the covers are actually to keep the temperatures up on long straights as carbon ceramic brakes need very high temperatures to be effective. You don’t want to get to the end of the straight and find yourself going 170mph with no brakes because they cooled too much.

  • Matt

    I bet these brakes make a mess of the car: all that graphite dust has to go somewhere.

  • John O’Laughlin

    Okay, let’s just get this straight. Absolutely no way are those brakes made of “carbon fiber”. Carbon fiber, in its most well known arrangement, is composed of sheets of carbon fiber cloth baked in between layers of epoxy resin. So plastic in the basic sense. It’s called a composite because it’s part plastic. No way would composite plastic-carbon brake disks hold up for any sort of time. The 599xx has brake technology adopted from the FXX (brembo 6 piston front and 4 piston rear with all four CCM rotors) these are carbon ceramic, not carbon fiber and this tech has been around for years. Be careful when you say “carbon fiber”. Those just look like rotor covers – you can see the break if you look around the caliper. Underneath there is a very very tough carbon ceramic rotor that receives the force from the brake pads. read about carbon ceramics, they’re fascinating.