All Carbon Fiber M-14/M1A Rifle

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Ready to move to the next step up from carbon fiber gun grips?  Washington-based, McAnn Industries has taken the popular M14/M1-A rifle and converted it into carbon fiber.  It’s not just a blend of fiberglass and carbon, but solely carbon fiber with resin.

Carbon fiber M14/M1A rifle

There are a lot of benefits to the gun being carbon fiber, and it’s a trend that we’re predicting will be more and more popular for guns.  The obvious advantage is the light weight.  Normally the M14 is made from steel or aluminum, using carbon fiber shaves about 2-4 pounds from the weight.  For somebody that has a job where they are carrying the gun all day, that can make a big difference.

Carbon fiber M14/M1A rifle

Another major benefit is that carbon fiber will not hold heat the same way that steel and aluminum would.  If you’re in the sun all day, the gun will remain much cooler than its counterparts, and in turn will be much more comfortable for the user.

Carbon fiber M14/M1A rifle

Here’s a full list of benefits that McAnn Industries lists:

  • Inline night vision ready
  • AR-15 pistol grip compatible
  • AR-15 butt stock compatible
  • Free floating barrel
  • Cools quickly
  • Keeps the weight down
  • Weighs 24oz.
  • Lightest M-14/M1A in the world
  • Accepts most SOPMOD accessories
  • Increased accuracy
  • Multiple configurations
  • Available without accessory rails
  • Snips
  • Battle rifle
  • Carbine
  • Balance of price, performance, and weight
  • American made

There are only three materials used to make this gun:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Resin
  • Hardened 7075 T6511 aluminum

Carbon fiber M14/M1A rifle

McAnn Industries is currently taking pre-orders on the gun for $665 shipped with a 90-day delivery window.  They do offer discounts on quantity.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • EddyA

    that is all levels of awesome

  • SG

    I think you should be more clear. The butt of the gun is CF, the gun it self is still made out of metal.

  • CarbonFiberCrazy

    I don’t know why this one is not, but the whole gun could be made out of carbon fiber. Often you would see Ruger 10/22 barrels out out carbon fiber, and that would be the most intensive part on the whole gun, so no resaon why the whole thing could be made out of CF… Still, the weight difference must be tremendously less. This means that the recoil would be tremendously increased due to the less mass the energy would absorb. Though great for hte army, and would look cool, it would not be very practicle for bench shooting…

    • Chris

      Actually, the 10/22 barrels consist of a carbon fiber sleeve with a metal bore. I have seen several of these from various manufacturers and they were all the same. The first carbon fiber barrels from 10-15 years ago used the same methods. It is quite unlikely that a barrel will be made out of carbon fiber alone.

  • jason

    hello, first off guys it’s McCann Industries and i have one of his carbon fiber rifle stocks on my M1A scout rifle. it is the hand guard and basic stock or chassis that is true carbon fiber it weights about a 1.5 lbs. it has aircraft grade aluminum hard points for attaching ar-15 pistol grips and buttstock assemblies, on my rifle i installed a delux ergo grip (thicker) and a VLTOR EMOD buttstock. the whole rifle with acc.rails a McCann steel scope mount and Leupold 4-12x weighs 10.5. shooting is a blast, the body’s ergonomic factor and natural “hydraulic” action has less or equal recaoil to a DPMS .308

  • chris

    Dave im not sure how long ago this was posted but can you still get these online?

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  • Rob

    Carbon fiber may not hold heat like metal but the resin certainly can. I sometimes put carbon fiber parts in the oven to melt away the wax molds I sometimes use. When they come out they are boiling hot and soft enough to bend for 2 minutes. I wonder if they use special resin for firearms stocks